It’s Valentine’s Day: we love each other!

It’s Valentine’s Day: let’s celebrate love for ourselves! It came to me like that, surrounded by more or less consumerist messages for Valentine’s Day. It occurred to me that we care so much about love, who we love or dislike, who loves us or doesn’t love us, but we often forget that the first person we need to love is ourselves. It is written in the Bible and in the Ten Commandments. But it is considered obvious, natural, simple. But it’s something that needs to be learned.

So after fifty years, we find ourselves somewhat at an advantage. What a little something we have learned by force. So I thought about celebrating Valentine’s Day with an instruction manual on how to practice the art of loving yourself. They are mine, so you may disagree. Remember to visit monsitederencontregay

Indeed, if you have others, can you write them to me?

Get to know yourself. It is a process and not something that is taken for granted. And you can start anytime, but the sooner the better. And as we are constantly evolving, we must constantly update!

Listen to yourself. Carefully. Stay there for a while. Find a comfortable chair (not a sofa, just an armchair) and ask yourself how you feel. Silence those voices screaming in your head and focus on what you hear.

Forgive yourself. No one is perfect and neither are you. And so yes, you would be wrong. You will do stupid things. You will say things that you will regret later. It is the experience. It’s life. Be generous, give yourself more than a chance!

Take your responsibilities. It’s you who are here. Of course, there is a context, there are others, there are influences. But you can make your own choices… or not. And all the people I have seen take responsibility are happier and healthier. Worth a try, right?

Don’t underestimate the little things. Small successes. The little joys. Small events. Most of the time, big changes suddenly appear, but on closer inspection, they were built on small, even microscopic events. So try to notice them, give them a name, a meaning, a value.

Surround yourself with the things you love. Even if you don’t like them! Join marencontrelesbienne

Walk with you. In nature perhaps. Nature is a balm. And as you walk, you think differently: less circular, more with purpose.

Follow you. Don’t ask for suggestions too often: you’ll be inundated with a series of unnecessary “shoulds” or “should be”. The more you know yourself, the more you’ll want to decide for yourself.

Take care of: your body, your health, your clothes, what you have. To love yourself is to love life!

And last but not least: SMILE