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Additionally comparable in appearance are wetsuits and drysuits used by scuba divers and the speed suits utilized by competitive swimmers before the more excessive forms of the swimsuit were banned. Compared, rubber is extra matte in look, much less shiny, and much thicker. Ivy’s look, physique, outfit, and demeanor have all been at the center of discussions regarding the character and have been attributed as motives owing to her popularity as a fan favorite. A variety of different garments have been the subject of less common fetishes. Generally, the feel, the style, the texture, and the sensations are all issues that come into play. However, it’s also quite common for rubber to search out the unmistakable odor of the rubber, an aphrodisiac.

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If you’re simply beginning out and you’re not sure how far you want to take it, you possibly can slowly get an idea using utilizing different rubber toys comparable to butt plugs for a gentler introduction. But for you, one thing to additional your expertise then, there’s a plethora of options on the market. Is it just rubber fits, or are there other Japanese Catsuit Sexist items on the market to play with? What else do I need to know about heavy rubber? You don’t have to know something. Latex clothes in simple but striking black look nice on any lady who knows what she desires and knows what she wants. Whereas this clothing fetish is obscure, diaper fetishists interact within the behavior privately or with a companion who shares a mutual hobby within the fetish sexual acts.