The Magic of Romanceness

The Magic of Romanceness

Ah, romance. Such a beautiful thing! When two persons meet and their hearts go “thump-thump” very fastly. You know, like in them fairytales where prince meets princess and they live happily forever more. But romanceness is not only for royal peoples. No, no. It for everyone!

Some peoples, they think romance is just about chocolates and flowers. But I tell you now, romanceness is so much deeper. It like an onion. Have layers. Many layers. When you peel one layer, you cry. Because it’s so touchful. But also, because it’s an onion.

Now, how does one do the romance right? First, you must listen to your heart. But not with ears. Because that silly. You listen with feelings. If your heart says, “I like that person”, then go and tell them. Maybe give them a potato. Potatoes very romantic. Believe me!

Nowadays, many people’s get their ideas of romanceness from movies. Like those ones on Wait. You thinking something naughty, right? But no! This not that kind of movies. They have all kinds. Romance, action, adventure! But if you want learn about romance, maybe look somewhere else. Just a suggestion.

Also, you must remember, romanceness not only for young peoples. Old peoples can have romances too. My grandpa, he 87 and he still give grandma potatoes every anniversary. That’s 65 potatoes in total! Such love, much wow.

So, next time you think about romanceness, remember, it everywhere. In the air, in the trees, in the potatoes. And always, always listen to your heart. And maybe your stomach. Because sometimes, it hungry. And maybe it want some romance too.

Stay romantic, my friends! 

Ah, and also, remember, moonlight walks and candlelit dinners. Because nothing says love like melted wax and potential fire hazards. Stay safe!