What makes you fall in love

This is what you are looking for inside of you. It took me a while to figure it out, but looking back on my past and especially thinking about my future, it is clear to me that what we fall in love with always has the characteristics of what we look for in ourselves like rencontre senior et gay.

All the people, the books, the films, the stories that made me fall in love, have always had the particularity of showing me an aspect of life and of what surrounds me that I have not seen at the time -the. But once I found him in the world, he vibrated the right strings in me, and magic was created.

So thinking of you reading me and your life, here’s how I would explain this simple mechanism:

Do you fall in love with someone who trusts them? You would probably like to be a more confident person. Do you fall in love with a charismatic person? You probably want to show off your charisma. Joking around with the pals who always seem to fall in love with the runaway man (and who among us doesn’t like him at least once?) I understand that when a woman falls in love with a “biker rushing his hair in the wind from roads of life ”is often a woman much wilder than she let herself go and who falls in love with the freedom that this man embodies in a way.

I really and platonically fell in love with men with backpackers who, leaving everything, went on an adventure. I liked “A fortune-teller told me” by Tiziano Terzani and “In Vespa” by Giorgio Bettinelli … I loved in every fiber of my body the feeling that these rootless lifestyles gave me. .. and I realized that every time something makes our heart beat faster, it’s only because beyond chemistry and hormones, it awakens in us something visceral and profound that goes far beyond the person or the event itself.

Every time we fall deeply in love, we are reminded of something important about ourselves. We remember that we can be more than what we think we are, and falling in love is the trigger that detonates that awareness within us.


Who or what is making you lose your mind? The senior even or single parent dating. I have good news for you: Whether your story is good or bad, what happens to you reminds you of something you are looking for … maybe it’s freedom, maybe it’s freedom. novelty, maybe it’s charisma … whatever it is, if you have the courage to follow this light that shines within you every time you fall in love, you can’t go wrong.

Sometimes the motorcyclist or whoever for him will stop right next to you, others will continue on his way, but always he will give you a gift: to remind you of what makes your heartbeat and what you are looking for. No matter how much love you may have for others, always remember that people come and go in our life, but the sensations we walk with will be with us forever … and of these, personally, I will never stop falling in love